Innovative SMS/Text Messaging systems and solutions for automated and ad-hoc SMS communication in a multitude of environments

Text messaging continues to be a very popular method of communication, as direct messaging to consumers offers unparalleled response and a cost effective way of communicating.

Our service is an approved Government Supplier of SMS Messaging Systems with Services listed on G-Cloud. The SMS service is UKAS accredited ISO-27001 (Information and Security Management System).


The solution has unique SMS tracking Systems, enabling our customers to ascertain exactly who, how and when a recipient is looking at a message.


The systems have been adapted to meet clients' needs including Audit Trail requirements, and PII data protection for clients' data.


The service is trusted by our clients & approved via the Government Procurement as a Supplier for SMS Messaging services & solutions on G-Cloud.


Many bespoke systems have been developed in-house for a variety of clients including a vast array of multi-national brands and high profile organisations.


Not only does the service have the necessary system architecture to ensure a fully resilient system, but we also operate multiple mobile network connections, ensuring message through-put and delivery.


The service holds data security and information handling accreditation (ISO-27001). The Web Portals all have Enhanced SSL certifications from Global Sign and the Systems & Networks are independently penetration tested by CREST approved auditors. We have no data transfer outside of the UK, ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Our SMS service is widely used in the NHS. Some of the processes include automating patient reminders and organising temporary staff. Example integrations: tpp SystmOne, Rio, inform, Blithe, Netcall, AxSys and others.

Products & Services

Send Single Content Mass Broadcasts to millions of mobile numbers, quickly and effectively, with dedicated high-speed throughputs, and full delivery receipt notifications to handsets. All connections are UK based connections with no data transfer outside of the United Kingdom. Product supports; Alphanumeric Sender ID, and real-time delivery receipts.

Add Dynamic Content to your messages, making each SMS message unique by personalising individual messages with unique content i.e. Name, Surname. The solution sends with high capacity throughput using UK Connections supporting Multiple Alpha-numeric Sender ID's and full delivery notifications.

Send and receive messages through Virtual Mobile Numbers without giving out your private numbers. This protects user identity whilst allowing a conversation between the user and the mobile handset.

Shared & Dedicated short-codes are used to allow opt-in and opt-out communications by SMS. The SMS system auto-screens against users stop lists before sending ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998, Electronic Communications Act, PP+ and MNO codes of Practice.

The service has a unique tiny url conversion system which automatically converts a web url to a custom tiny url, branded as the client. When clicked our system records the date and time clicked together with the handset details i.e. Apple, Android, Windows Phone & Blackberry etc.

Search a mobile number to identify all information held on a mobile subscriber, including messages received, sent or opt-out/opt-in information.

The online reporting tool allows users to segment reports based on connectivity types, users, date ranges, expenditure, and IP address. All reports are available to download in CSV file for Master Admin Control

Create templates of messages to use multiple times.

Schedule campaigns to deploy at a certain date & time. With full calendar functionality, campaigns can be scheduled months in advance.

The messaging interfaces can be accessed via all web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer and mobile devices including but not limited to; Apple, Android, Windows Phone & Blackberry etc.

The System automatically controls user opt-out registrations, screening each users messages against their relevant unsubscribe list. With no human interaction needed, this service ensures compliance to the Data Protection Act, Electronic Communications Act, MNO & PP+ Codes of Practice.

Supports all international character sets to allow automatic language recognition, supporting all languages including but not limited to: Arabic, Greek, Latin, Chinese, Hindustani, Mandarin.

Supports multi-part messages allowing clients to send over 160 characters within a single message. Each message contains 160 characters, the client is charged for each 16O character part. The messages are sent and combined on the mobile handset, making sure the mobile subscriber receives one long message instead of multiple messages.

Security is at the heart of our business. All dedicated servers are based in the UK with secondary backup servers ready in the event of failure at another UK location. The Servers are protected by Cisco firewalls and can be configured to allow dedicated IP addresses to access our platforms. All servers are protected by Enhanced SSL certification.

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