RightFax OnDemand

RightFax OnDemand enables organisations to simplify and meet document distribution objectives with a rich, scalable, and fully integrated hosted RightFax system, managed by OpenText

Reduce the total cost of ownership and capital expenditure needed to implement your fax management solution by saving on the upfront and ongoing costs of infrastructure, staff, training, and compliance.

With more than 25 years of experience and 100,000 fax servers sold, OpenText is the clear market leader in enterprise fax. OpenText RightFax OnDemand offers the same robust and feature-rich faxing solution as our RightFax software.

How RightFax OnDemand Helps Your Organisation

Reduce costs involved with an on premise solution and telephony

Reduce hardware and infrastructure requirements

Save time with fax to email and email to fax desktop integration

Integrate fax with your existing business applications

Integrate fax delivery with your multifunction devices

Provide a unified comms solution for voice, data and fax

Ensure information governance compliance and audit-readiness

Enable your IT team to focus on in-house projects

RightFax OnDemand

Utilise the full RightFax solution via the cloud including hardware and telephony services as and when you need

Business Benefits

RightFax OnDemand reduces IT workload by providing a complete fax solution on OpenText servers and infrastructure.

OpenText does not own or control your data on our servers. Each customer has an isolated RightFax server instance and isolated storage for privacy and security. We can copy data from the hosted solution to your premise as needed and if you decide to bring your RightFax instance on-premise, we can transfer your data from the hosted environment.

There is no functional difference between an on-premise and a hosted solution. RightFax OnDemand is the same RightFax that has been deployed to over 100,000 customers. That means you also get all the benefits listed here!

Faxing from the desktop or within common software applications instead of from a fax machine saves your employees time and increases productivity. RightFax OnDemand provides integration to a large number of critical front and back office applications, MFPs and desktop apps - just like RightFax when it's deployed on-premise. You'll get the industry leading fax solution with all the same integration options and capabilities.

RightFax OnDemand centralises the management of distributed fax environments, giving you a complete view of all faxing occurring through RightFax - regardless of employee location or the method used to send and view faxes. Administration of fax services is centralised, reducing IT burden while still giving your IT department the control it needs over the fax environment.

RightFax OnDemand provides redundancy in our data centers to increase fax management reliability and uptime. A complete disaster recovery environment with regular backups and multiple sites provide you with a robust solution that would be difficult for you to emulate on site.

While RightFax is easy to deploy and configure at a customer site, the need to integrate with third party telephony equipment or configure SIP Trunking in a VoIP environment means specialised expertise is required. With RightFax OnDemand, we have taken care all of that. We ensure that our servers interact with telephony equipment and our SIP provider to remove that complexity for you.

RightFax OnDemand maintains a complete history of your faxing activity and copies of all faxes according to your rules. You can verify faxes were sent and received, the date and time they were sent and which numbers they were sent to. It can also limit access to inbound faxes and track who read them.

RightFax OnDemand handles the peaks and troughs of fax volume. Is your volume rising? We can quickly add servers and lines to your implementation. Expect your fax volumes to decrease over time? RightFax OnDemand reduces upfront costs and allows you to reduce your expenses as volumes decrease.

Security Features

OpenText RightFax OnDemand provides the highest levels of privacy and data security for customers that require IT outsourcing. OpenText's data centres are equipped with state-of-the-art security and environmental safety features. The dedicated hosted IT support team is available 24/7 to address any customer concerns and ensure redundancy. If needed, fax server failover systems are in place and operational.

RightFax OnDemand uses the same RightFax software the market has trusted for years. Built-in security features like automatic audit-logging, user permissions, encryption and password protection all work together to make RightFax the most secure document management solution on the market.

Security of the Connection

Our hosted customers connect to OpenText data centres via a secure, individual, encrypted virtual private network (VPN) connection, ensuring private communication and protecting your sensitive documents and data.

Security of the Data Centers

All data centres have been examined for structural, environmental and physical security. Security personnel, video surveillance, controlled H/VAC, back-up generators, redundant servers and 24/7 security & support are all provided.

Security of the Software

RightFax software is the most trusted fax and document management solution on the market. To keep your data secure, RightFax provides an automated audit log, customisable user permissions, optional password protection and optional document encryption.

Data & Fax Number Ownership

When you choose RightFax OnDemand, we protect and manage your data, but we do not view it or take ownership of it, your data belongs to you. Our migration services will return all data at the end of your contract or upon request and delete it from the RightFax server. You can bring your own fax numbers and add or remove them at any time.

Redundancy, Failover & Disaster Recovery

OpenText and AMS understand that unexpected server failures can happen. All data centres provide back-up servers for load balancing and redundancy. Should an outage occur, the customer data is automatically and securely transferred to another OpenText data centre providing a seamless and smooth restore operation for the end customer.

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