RightFax Express

OpenText RightFax Express is a fax server solution that allows employees to easily fax from their desktop, email, back-end applications and MFP devices

Simple to deploy, easy to integrate, and provides a best-in-class fax solution for any business that wants an affordable fax solution for all employees.

Designed for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and departments or branch offices of large organisations, RightFax Express is a comprehensive information exchange solution that allows users to fax, conveniently and cost-effectively, from the applications that drive their business.


RightFax Express is easy to implement, manage & use. Eliminate the complexity of implementation by choosing the deployment model that's best for you & your needs


RightFax integrates with email, MFPs, desktop & back end applications. Empower your employees to fax from the applications that they use the most

Worry Free

With a small IT footprint and a simple deployment model, you can focus on core competencies without the worry of managing your fax server connection

Made For You

Built for SMBs, reduce the costs and hassle of information exchange while increasing the productivity and efficiency of your organisation

Deployment Options

With easier administration and faster delivery, deployment and adoption, RightFax Express is the first fax solution from OpenText to offer software continuity with hardware appliance and software only on-premises fax server with hybrid deployment options.

  • Appliance

  • On-premise fax server appliance with connection to on-premises telephony
  • All-in-one, preconfigured appliance
  • Send faxes using your existing phone lines: analogue, digital, BRI, or SIP Trunk
  • Perfect for SMBs with little or no IT staff

Everything you need to get up and faxing is included in this all-in-one, plug-and-play appliance. Designed for easy installation, the appliance models are compatible with a variety of telephony networks including analogue, digital, BRI and FoIP. Preconfigured to get up and running quickly, this version is perfect for those small and medium businesses (SMBs) with limited IT staff.

  • Software

  • On-premise fax server software with connection to on-premises telephony
  • Software installed on your server
  • Send faxes using your existing telephone lines with an on-premise fax gateway
  • Perfect for SMBs with an IT staff to manage applications on a server

The software version, installed on your on-premise server, allows SMBs to connect RightFax Express to any telephone network using a media gateway. This option is designed to offer flexibility to those who prefer software installable versions without the worry of telephony connections. Oh, and the cloud is an option too!

  • Hybrid

  • On-premise fax server software with connection to cloud service
  • Software installed on your server and connected to RightFax Connect
  • Send faxes with RightFax Express Connect via the cloud
  • Perfect for SMBs without the staff, expertise, or desire to manage the connection between applications and the telephone network

The software installable version is available using RightFax Connect, the OpenText premier cloud offering for hybrid deployments. This hybrid solution combines the security of an on premises fax server with the convenience and flexibility of the cloud.

Business Benefits

RightFax Express makes it easy for SMBs to save time and money, and to free-up valuable resources.

Get Rid of Fax Machines

Replace fax machines and all of the associated costs by allowing employees to fax from their desktop, unlimited MFPs and directly from the applications they use the most

Easy to Implement and Deploy

Requires limited or no IT staff for installation, deployment, management and maintenance. Quick to deploy and set up with an easy to use administrative tool

Eliminates Cost

No per-user fees or user limits, fax enable your MFP fleet at no additional cost and eliminate costs associated with fax machines including supplies, repairs, and separate phone lines

Easy to Use

Easily send and receive faxes via an intuitive web client using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Send and receive faxes from email applications, MFPs, network folders or with the print-to-fax driver


Choose the deployment option that is best for you and your needs - appliance and software versions using your telephony, or the software version using the cloud to send and receive faxes. Every option is an on-premise fax server offering top notch security, privacy and data sovereignty

Easy to Integrate

Easy integration tools allows integration with virtually any application

Read The Documentation

Get the latest RightFax Express datasheet for further product information



RightFax Express provides all the key features and functionality you need for your entire organisation to fax electronically, right from the desktop.

Send & receive faxes electronically from email, MFPs, network folders, print-to-fax or the RightFax Express web client

Turn paper faxes into smart documents by integrating fax with the business applications you use most

Use minimal IT resources to quickly and easily manage and deploy a fax solution for every employee, organisation wide

RightFax Express supports unlimited users

RightFax Express Appliance Supports: 2, 4 or 8 channels

RightFax Express Software (CG) Supports: 2, 4 or 8 channels

RightFax Express Hybrid: Fax channels are not needed for RightFax Express software with RightFax Connect

Quick account creation and integration using Active Directory

Simple configuration of user preferences

Automated daily backups

Multiple Administrators

Easy migration of users and fax history of FaxPress to new RightFax Express accounts

Through a web client using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome

From email applications by integrating with email

By connections with MFPs

Via the Print to Fax driver

Personal phonebooks can be imported and exported using a CSV file

Create a shared, global address book which is accessible to all fax users

Unlimited MFP and network scanners equipped with scan-to-email feature, both via SMTP

Use up to 2 optional billing codes to track faxes

SMTP integration with any email application & cloud based email support such as Microsoft Office 365 & Google Apps

Email and Print notifications

Microsoft Office documents (Word, PowerPoint and Excel), PDF, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, XPS, Text, HTML

Automatically send fax images and metadata to a network folder for archiving

Develop reports of fax traffic for internal reporting and audit preparation

Reports may be filtered by sender, date, billing code, recipients, etc.

Export report data to CSV or XML

English (US), English (UK), French, French (Canadian), Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Thai and Hebrew

Microsoft Hyper-V

VMware ESX 3.01. or later

VMware vSphere 4.0 and later with VMotion

Web-services APIs

Drop Directory


Simple Fax Utilities


Create a custom voice prompt file and upload it to replace the default prompt for fax extension digits

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