Rightfax is the world market leader for enterprise level fax server solutions

The manufacturer OpenText has created the most reliable and robust fax server software ever. It provides an integrated, simple and secure way to send and receive non-repudiable documents, drives down costs and increases efficiency.

In Addition, AMS and OpenText have built strong relationships to ensure the Rightfax solution has unrivalled integrations and interoperability with industry leading 3rd party products, platforms and VoIP providers such as Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, 3com and ShoreTel.

Return On Investment

Significant ROI, cut costs from standalone fax machines

Unified Messaging

Integrate with fax to email and UM/UC platforms

Document Delivery

ERP systems integration for automated document delivery


Facilitate consolidation with VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V

Full Audit Trail

Track documents, user activity and the full fax life cycle

MFD Integration

Consolidate infrastructure, eliminate fax lines & cards


Maintaining over four times the market share of its nearest competitor, RightFax helps companies across the globe reduce costs associated with managing the business critical faxes and documents that drive their daily operations.

Thousands of organisations have replaced their traditional fax hardware and infrastructure with RightFax, allowing users to send and receive faxes directly from the desktop.

The RightFax Product Suite

  • Business Server

  • The ideal server for small to mid-size companies offering functionality, such as email and MFD integration.
  • This solution will enable you to leverage existing infrastructure, offering least cost routing and DDI inbound routing.
  • Enterprise Server

  • Offers all business server functionality but is better suited for national or global organisations
  • The functionality will allow you to combine multiple fax servers, share a single database for load balancing, offers least cost routing and auto-fax aging
  • Enterprise Suite

  • Offers you an Enterprise level server but with bolt on additional modules making it very cost affective
  • As standard, the Enterprise Suite includes a connector for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, a PDF module, barcode routing and Encrypted and Certified delivery
  • Enterprise Integration

  • Perfect for customers wanting to use their existing infrastructure and automate processes from host legacy, ERP and CRM systems
  • As standard it includes the enterprise server features plus the integration module and a native connector for SAP
  •  Branch   Office 

  • Very effective in smaller offices, departments and is very easy to virtualise
  • It offers standard functionality, such as email and MFD integration, fax enabling user’s desktops and eliminating unnecessary fax kits

RightFax Benefits

OpenText RightFax offers significant benefits when moving away from manual fax machines or fax processes to a centralised solution

Reduce Costs

OpenText RightFax allows users to send and receive faxes electronically from their desktop. This means no need for single function fax machines and the associated costs such as toner, paper, hardware replacement for fax machines and IP adapters and associated maintenance contracts.

MFDs can be fax enabled through OpenText RightFax without the need for expensive fax cards or telephony per device.

Using RightFax FOIP allows for consolidation of phone lines and the opportunity to leverage benefits from existing IP infrastructure.

Through integration tools and native connectors with back office applications such as SAP and Oracle, expensive manual bulk faxing and posting can be replaced. No documents need to be printed or posted through automatic electronic faxing direct from the source.

By implementing RightFax FOIP in your organisation a large amount of paper is saved helping achieve ‘Green’ targets.

Increased Productivity

The manual process of traditional faxing is replaced with efficient faxing from applications, email, back office systems and MFDs. There is no need for employees to be walking around the office with printed faxed documents and all inbound faxes can be routed directly to the required individual quickly and securely.

Automating faxing will reduce employee printing , preparing and auditing batched faxed documents. Delivery will be direct from source with full audit trial and notification of receipt.

Leverage Your Existing VoIP Infrastructure

RightFax provides Fax Over IP (FoIP) by integrating directly into a VoIP network. Fax Over IP is becoming more prevalent in organisations both large and small as they look to reduce costs and consolidate resources.

Extensive interoperability testing with major equipment vendors enables FoIP in almost any environment. Vendors include Mitel, Cisco, Avaya, ShoreTel and 3com.

Lower TCO Through Virtualisation

RightFax and FoIP uses the market leading SR140 Dialogic boardless fax boards so can be run virtually. Benefits include employing your existing environment for performance optimisation, load-balancing, redundancy, and disaster recovery.

OpenText RightFax supports Hyper-V from Microsoft and VMware ESX server 3.0.1 or later.

Unified Messaging

RightFax has tight integration with all email platforms including Microsoft Exchange , Lotus Notes and any SMTP compatible systems. This gives users the ability to send and receive faxes directly from their email clients saving time and keeping all communication is one place.

Security and Compliance

RightFax ensures no sensitive paper faxes appear in open plan offices. Using DDI inbound routing, sensitive faxes can be delivered to individuals and secure folders as configured by IT. For highly sensitive documents RightFax Secure Docs can deliver PDFs via encrypted and certified delivery.

Non-repudiable audit trail and reporting make it easy to provide proof of compliance allowing adherence to industry-specific regulations.

Integration Options - Why OpenText RightFax is the Leader in Enterprise Fax

OpenText RightFax Fax Server provides the most comprehensive integrations with the leading global ERP, ECM, MFD, and Messaging vendors in the world.

From Microsoft to Oracle to SAP, Xerox to HP, and Cisco to Avaya…OpenText has every major environment and fax integration need covered.

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Rightfax Add-on Modules

Rightfax enables customers to build a solution around their current infrastructure enabling them to meet their specific requirements. Rightfax is designed to be completely expandable with channels and modules creating a be-spoke system for end users.

The Rightfax Add-on modules have been designed over years of working with customers in a variety of sectors to help improve processes, increase productivity and reduce costs.

The RightFax Barcode Routing Module automatically routes inbound faxes by reading a bar code on the cover sheet or first page of a document. By minimizing user intervention, businesses will see increased productivity.

The RightFax PDF Module allows you to easily send PDF and Postscript files as faxes. PDF is native to many of the most widely used back-office and desktop applications.

SecureDocs certified delivery uploads your files to a secure web server in your own data center and emails a link to the recipient. With password protection and secure web, your files are safe. To aid in security and compliance, SecureDocs also provides confirmation of receipt and an audit trail. PDF file encryption enables certified and encrypted delivery.

The RightFax Business Integration Module empowers your small business or department to automatically deliver documents. Contains similar capabilities to the RightFax Integration Module, but is limited to two inputs and only fax or print output.

A new licensed module which encrypts all fax images in the RightFax image directory, encrypted with TripleDES 192 bit security, helping organizations achieve compliance with regulations such as PCI-DSS.

The RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange enables users of Exchange Server 2007, 2010 and 2013 to conveniently receive faxes into Microsoft Outlook and fax from Outlook. A fax button makes sending easy. Users can organize documents in Outlook, and companies can optionally archive them via Exchange.

Use the certified RightFax Connector for SAP ERP to seamlessly integrate inbound and outbound fax with your SAP systems. You can optionally integrate RightFax faxing directly into SAPoffice.

The RightFax Connector for eDOCS allows users to securely deliver documents from eDOCS, and import received documents into eDOCS. Companies benefit from the synergy between powerful document management and market-leading fax and document distribution.

OpenText offers general-purpose RightFax SMTP and XML connectors for MFDs, as well as purpose-built integrated RightFax connectors for the leading MFD manufacturers. The connectors make faxing easy and record fax usage from MFDs with user-specific audit trails. These connectors eliminate the need for dedicated analogue phone lines and expensive fax kits.

The RightFax Searchable PDF Module uses optical character recognition (OCR) to convert sent and received fax images to searchable text. Instantly identify and retrieve the fax(es) you need by searching for keywords instead of reading through hundreds of pages.

The RightFax XML Generator Module allows integration with XML-based systems and applications for both sent and received faxes.

The RightFax Shared Services Module enables two to four RightFax Servers to operate as a single unit by sharing a single database. It increases performance and capacity by distributing workload across servers. The module adds high availability through duplication of critical system functions, so it can keep running even if sites or servers go offline.

The RightFax Integration Module ties back-end systems into RightFax to automatically deliver documents by fax, email, print, SMS, certified email, or certified and encrypted email. Delivery from Oracle, SAP, ERP, and CRM systems is easily customizable with RightFax facsimile command language (FCL), XML, Java, RESTful API and more. Delivery confirmation and audit trail data can be inserted into ERP and other back-office applications.

When combined with OpenText Alchemy, provides scalable, efficient fax archiving in RightFax, which allows customers to address compliance, security requirements with the ability to easily and securely search and retrieve sent and received faxes.

RightFax fully integrates with IBM Lotus Notes/Domino email systems. Businesses can choose from a variety of integration levels to leave the Notes clients untouched or incorporate faxing features directly into the clients.

The RightFax Connector for FileNet Content Manager integrates RightFax with IBM FileNet. This allows companies to store faxes in FileNet for archival, indexing, search, and workflow processes. It also allows you to send FileNet documents as faxes.

The RightFax Connector for Microsoft SharePoint allows users to send and receive faxes from SharePoint. The connector adds "fax" as an option on the drop-down document menu, fax-enabling entire document libraries. It can also receive faxes directly into SharePoint document libraries for archival, workflow, index, and search.

This module is perfect for remote users or to reduce load on desktops and existing infrastructure. This module will provide all the functionality of the thick client for administrators and users but over secure web access.

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