Cloud Fax

Our popular Cloud Fax service leverages cloud computing to provide enhanced cloud messaging reliability, availability, and security

As a fully outsourced or hosted fax service, Cloud Fax offloads the entire fax function from your IT team while helping to align fax services with the business goals and strategic direction of your enterprise.

Paperless Communications With Cloud Messaging

Lets employees receive and send faxes as electronic messages, directly from their existing email accounts

Creates digital versions of paper faxes that can be sent, received, edited, and archived in your email accounts

Reduces fax costs by up to 70% by eliminating the need for fax servers and other physical infrastructure

Optional Microsoft Office® toolbar lets you send attachments from any Office application

Cloud Fax is a 100% hosted faxing service that allows your employees to receive and send faxes as electronic messages directly from their existing email accounts – anytime, anywhere. It eliminates the need for fax servers, fax machines, and related infrastructure, reducing fax costs and improving productivity.

CloudFax Overview

Send & receive faxes via Cloud Fax services & remove high volume congestion & fax busy signals

Eliminate capital costs, software fees, telecom charges & ongoing maintenance with a 100% cloud-based solution

Use industry-standard 128-bit encryption to secure all sent and received files

Ensure delivery with no busy signals or capacity constraints

Send attachments from Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint with the optional Microsoft Office® toolbar

Be environmentally friendly and reduce your carbon footprint with less paper, toner, and other supplies

Satisfy your organisation's corporate governance requirements

Increase employee productivity with digital faxing and mobile printing

Inbound faxes received as PDFs can be searched, edited and have electronic signatures appended

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