Secure Information Exchange solutions for the manufacturing industry, integrating with legacy systems to improve processes, security and communication

We understand that the manufacturing sector often involves costly processes, many of which are highly regulated with strong security requirements, making it a difficult balancing act for many business leaders. We’ve worked with many manufacturing companies across industries such as Aerospace, Defense, Pharmaceuticals and Automotive, to automate and streamline these processes, remove the risk of inaccurate data entry and improve customer service.

AMS are an award winning, top tier Platinum partner for OpenText Information Exchange suite of products. These solutions enable the secure and compliant delivery of documents and information, by any medium including fax, managed file transfer, SMS and secure email.

Automating document processes speeds delivery and dramatically reduces the possibility for human error, by eliminating manual processes such as paper faxing, printing/postage. Automate the transfer of large documents such as CAD files, large contracts and training manuals, avoiding unsecure Dropbox, the burning of large files on CD/DVD, and slow ftp. Leverage your existing applications by automating delivery and capturing inbound documents into internal systems, whilst reducing time to retrieve and access important archived files.

Delivery of significant return on investment (ROI) through the replacement of manual processes with electronic solutions. Both on premise and cloud solutions allow you to be flexible with the implementation and reduce IT overhead. Examples include replacement of legacy hardware such as manual fax machines and dot matrix printers, eliminating couriers for transfer of large files or ftp, reduced postage / printing costs and avoid expensive development costs for form design and output from legacy applications.

Security, compliance and audit trail are a high priority for many of our manufacturing customers and this is at the forefront of all our solutions, providing comprehensive data security for document delivery processes. For example functionality such as encryption, track & trace and automated document delivery from applications, ensures that there’s full control over all documents sent and received.

Our solutions provide full audit trail, traceability and security, aiding in your compliance initiatives. We understand the requirements for compliance in manufacturing sector messaging and communications.

Remove time consuming manual processes and increase delivery speed. For example securely routing inbound documents to the recipient’s desktop, avoiding manual paper processes, file transfer speeds 80 times faster than ftp and sending of documents / messages via any medium direct from any computer or electronic device. All of our solutions will allow you to reduce turnaround time on time critical processes.

Seamlessly integrate with messaging and document delivery systems, automating and removing manual processes. For example native integration with SAP, Oracle, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics makes for simple deployment.

Bring systems under the control of management and allow access to document on the move for a mobile workforce. For example support for BYOD, the replacement of manual fax machines and file transfer products such as ftp, Dropbox etc. Having a remote workforce doesn’t mean that your security has to be compromised. With our solutions having compatibility with smartphones and tablets, you’ll be able to centrally manage the information your remote workers send and receive.

Tracking and traceability of all documents sent and received. This gives you visibility and control over documents even after they leave your organisation.

Capture raw data from legacy applications for intelligent automated delivery by any medium including print, email and fax. Data mapping tools allow communication by any medium. Driving automated printing with OMR marks.

Create modern output from legacy applications. Enhance your corporate image to customers and suppliers. Easily improve the look and feel of customer facing documents with templates, in line with corporate branding policies

It can be hard to find off the shelf solutions. Heavily involved in manufacturing processes, AMS have developed many bespoke applications for the sector. A few examples include workflow, capturing of email attachments, Business Intelligence dashboards and solutions to ensure actioning of documents within required turnaround times.


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