Secure Information Exchange solutions for healthcare, trusted by many of the NHS trusts and healthcare organisations across the UK

We partner with many of the NHS trusts and private healthcare organisations in the UK to move towards a more efficient and smarter way of working. Streamlining processes allows front line staff to concentrate on patient care. We understand that pressures on healthcare have increased, with a big push to a more efficient and compliant workplace, with seamless integration of systems and applications.

AMS are an award winning, top tier Platinum partner for OpenText Information Exchange suite of products. These solutions enable the secure and compliant delivery of documents and information, by any medium including fax, managed file transfer, SMS and secure email.

Delivery of significant return on investment (ROI) through the replacement of manual processes with electronic solutions. Examples include replacement of manual fax machines, eliminating couriers for transfer of large files or ftp, and reducing DNA’s with appointment reminders.

Our solutions provide full audit trail, traceability and security, aiding in your compliance initiatives. We understand the requirements for compliance in healthcare messaging and communications, including Caldicott, Data Protection Act and the FCA.

Data security has become an important focus for every healthcare organisation and this is at the forefront of all our solutions. Providing comprehensive data security with processes. For example the elimination of safe haven faxing and functionality such as white lists / black lists and track & trace. This ensures that there’s full control over all documents sent and received.

With stretched resources it’s vital to improve process efficiency, without disruption to users’ workflow. Eliminate manual process such as paper faxing, burning large files on CD/DVD, and slow ftp. Integrate into existing applications to automate document delivery.

For many NHS and healthcare organisations we’ve drastically reduced paper consumption through replacement of manual fax machines with an electronic fax solution.

Seamlessly integrating legacy healthcare systems with messaging and document delivery systems, automating and removing manual processes. For example TPP SystmOne, Rio, Cerna Millennium and many others.

Replacement of distributed stand-alone systems with a centralised managed system. Bring systems under the control of management. For example the replacement of manual fax machines and file transfer products such as ftp, dropbox etc.

Integrate fax and document delivery systems with existing infrastructure, including UC / IP telephony, or traditional Analogue and ISDN telephony sources.

Native connectivity for all MFD printers / devices. Allows you to utilise your existing MFD infrastructure for any hard copy documents to be sent or received. This avoids any unnecessary disruption to users’ processes and workflow. Also provides full traceability of all hard copy documents sent and received.

Remove time consuming manual processes and increase delivery speed. For example securely routing inbound documents to the recipient’s desktop, avoiding manual paper processes, file transfer speeds 80 times faster than ftp and sending of documents / messages via any medium direct from any computer or electronic device. All of our solutions will allow you to reduce turnaround time on time critical processes.

AMS also specialise in bespoke software development.

Heavily involved in healthcare processes, AMS have developed many bespoke applications for NHS and private healthcare organisations. A few examples include workflow, capturing of email attachments, Business Intelligence dashboards and solutions to ensure actioning of documents within required turnaround times.


AMS are highly experienced in working with Healthcare processes. Some examples are transferring Patient Identifiable Data between trusts and third parties such as GPs, dangerous drug alerts, appointment reminders, prescription notifications, GP referrals, Finance / HR - Purchase orders, invoices, employee data.


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