Managed File Transfer

AMS Managed File Transfer (MFT) enables users to reduce large file delivery from hours to minutes thereby increasing productivity and improving business agility

AMS MFT is a powerful enterprise-level secure solution to replace vulnerable FTP servers, disparate legacy file transfer systems, slow physical shipment of data, fragmented email attachments and expensive leased lines. Save time and money, improve security and aid your compliance initiatives. File transfer not only needs to be secure, but also easy to manage, allowing people to get their job done quickly and efficiently.

Manage your File Delivery

Two way file exchange and management with internal departments and external parties. Sophisticated tools manage the transfer process to remove unnecessary delays, with automatic re-submit of failed uploads and downloads.

Easy to Use

As well as a powerful Web Interface, MFT leverages tools that users are familiar with, such as sending email attachments from Microsoft Outlook or working in local folders. Helping to lower training overheads, whilst accelerating user adoption.


Protects your files against unauthorised access from beginning to the end of the transfer process, with secure, encrypted file transfer. Eliminates the need to use complicated third party encryption products that lengthen both your delivery time and retrieval time for the recipient.

Track and Report

Track and notify when secure messages or files have been accessed or downloaded by the recipient. Unlike read receipts which can be declined, AMS Managed File Transfer will guarantee notification of delivery. Gain visibility into file transfers with analytics on the MFT activity of your organisation.


Automate file transfer from your business applications, with drop folders and API integration. Minimise manual input and eliminate human error by integrating with back office systems.

Introducing AMS Managed File Transfer


Scalable multi-site and multi-tenanted solutions which will grow with your file transfer and business requirements.

Audit Trail

Full audit trail on every file transfer, including details of every message view and file download.

Secure Messages

Send and receive secure messages via Email, and send secure messages along with your file transfers.


Aid your compliance initiatives. Comply with security policies and privacy regulations. Reduce risk and ease external pressures on the security of your documents.

Large Files From Outlook

Large File support for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, removing the inconvenience and delay of having to deliver files via other means.

Personalisation & Branding

Make the portal your own, improving the image of your business internally and externally, and ensuring users feel comfortable with the look and feel.

Flexible Security Options

Configurable options around authentication, providing several levels of security. Tailor the balance between ease and security, dependent on document security requirements.


Improve the efficiency of your user’s workflow and the transfer process, making it easy to deliver large files with familiar and simple to use tools. Reduces time spent by IT on setting up and managing disparate file transfer solutions.

Two Way File Exchange

Send and receive large and sensitive files to/from internal and external parties. Simple setup for recipients, allowing external parties to receive and respond without any difficulty.

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