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More than 16,000 companies trust DocuWare for managing their most critical documents. When you choose DocuWare, you join the thousands of industry leaders who have already discovered how the industry’s best Enterprise Content Management Platform improves operations at every level of their organisation.

The new e-book, Become A Paperless Company In Less Than 90 Days, gives you a plan for eliminating tedious, time-consuming tasks and unlocking employee productivity.

Introducing DocuWare

Are you spending too much time and money handling physical documents? Let AMS introduce you to DocuWare, a central document store enabling users to search and retrieve all business critical documents, quickly and easily.

Is DocuWare For You?

The safe and trusted choice for enterprise content management – With DocuWare, you don’t need to worry, we’re dedicated to bringing you all of the advantages of digital document management, while protecting your critical documents from loss, damage and prying eyes. With over 25 years of experience helping businesses, we offer the safest solution for managing all documents and information across your organisation.

Today, more than 14,000 companies trust DocuWare to manage their most critical and confidential documents. Here are 5 reasons why we’re the safest, most trustworthy choice for your document management system.

Document Management RoadMap

We help you understand how better document process management reduces costs and drives out inefficiencies, improving your business operations from workflow efficiency to document indexing, employee collaboration and beyond. At AMS, we provide highly efficient start-to-finish guidance, helping you through the stages of assessment and planning to implementation and integration, while also providing the training, support and education that ensure maximum adoption by users.

Zero Operations Interruption

We understand that it’s critical to maintain continuity in your business, especially when you’re taking steps to improve operations. DocuWare’s certified team deploys your meticulously planned Document Management RoadMap to ensure your business doesn’t suffer a single minute of employee downtime or workflow disruption.

Intelligent Indexing

While your competitors are wasting countless hours filing and retrieving documents, DocuWare’s Intelligent Indexing technology helps your employees to index and storing documents fully automatically – and having them available within seconds. Our Intelligent Indexing system sets out to learn how your company files documents and then automatically optimises this indexing process.

360-Degree Integration

To drive positive process improvement throughout your organisation, we seamlessly integrate your document management system with your existing applications, such as email, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

User-Adoption Champions

Getting the most from your new document management system depends on how quickly your employees embrace the new technology. That’s why DocuWare works hard to optimise the user experience and bring your employees on board. DocuWare’s team helps you define goals for user adoption and identify gaps, then use targeted education and hands-on training to achieve maximum user adoption.

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Document Management RoadMap

A strategic approach to document management best practices – A new document management system has the potential to transform your business, and to achieve that success, you need expertise. That’s why AMS doesn’t just supply technology – we partner with our clients to provide start-to-finish guidance and expertise in the latest document management best practices.

The team draws on more than 25 years of helping businesses like yours. We’ll guide you through the early stages of assessment and planning to implementation and optimisation, and all along provide the training, support and education that ensure maximum adoption by users. Our Step-By-Step process for acheiving success is detailed below.



We discuss with you which departments, document types, and processes offer the most potential for improvement.


On-Site Presentation

Together with your decision makers and future users we present features of DocuWare which are most relevant to your needs and benefits, based on our previous conversations.


Solution Workshop

In cases with more expansive requirements, we will work together with individuals in your company to capture and document the details needed for your solution.


Proposal and Purchase

After the Client Presentation or Solution Workshop, you will receive our detailed proposal in which the solution and benefits to be achieved are itemized.


Implementation & Training

After all these preparation steps, your DocuWare solution can typically go live in two to five days which are used for installation, configuration and training.

What is Document Management?

To make your business more efficient, you need to do more with less, and doing so is easier than you think. Better document management reduces costs, increases cash flow, ensures you take advantage of supplier discounts and improves your customer service

Intelligent Indexing

Intelligent Indexing revolutionises paper storage and transforms document indexing into an efficient process, helping save time and eliminating the need for filing documents by hand, which means no more paper files because everything's electronic and no more tiresome typing of document contents for structured archiving.

Intelligent Indexing detects the relevant data on the documents, and storage then takes place using these terms. Helping you find everything quickly again. Designed for small to medium businesses that process hundreds of documents a month, Intelligent Indexing automatically captures precise pieces of information from scanned documents, turning unstructured information into a valuable resource.

Documents Stored Quickly

Even before you begin storing documents, Intelligent Indexing looks for the correct indexing terms. All you need to do is click on the Store button and the job's done. You can check the indexing beforehand and make changes if necessary.

Automatically Sorted

The index terms used by Intelligent Indexing are also sorting criteria. Finding documents again is child's play, whether you search by date, customer, invoice number, or similar.

No More Typing Errors

Intelligent Indexing automatically transfers content from documents, doing away with typing errors and transposed numbers, which occur easily with manual typing and cause problems further down the line.


Intelligent Indexing automatically searches for the relevant index terms in the documents. You either confirm the suggested terms or improve them. Using this feedback, the system learns continuously so that known document types can be automatically and safely stored in a very short space of time.

Revolutionising Paper Storage

Filing documents by hand is tedious business. Just imagine if all you needed to do is place your documents on a scanner and everything was automatically indexed and stored? All those documents instantly filed under the correct company name, together with similar types of documents, sorted by the right date. Introducing the new DocuWare Intelligent Indexing Service

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