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AMS are leading document management software consultants on the South Coast, based in Bournemouth. We’ve worked with our customers for over 25 years to manage information.

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We understand that most companies are still weighed down by paper-based documents. Paper based processes often waste time, placing unnecessary pressure on resource, causing delays and risking the security of confidential information. We will work with you, enabling you to manage your documents with efficient, easy processes and making them available to the right people at the right time. We help our customers bring together paper and digital documents into effective workflows. It dosen’t need to be complicated. We can start with easy processes to introduce document management with minimal disruption and packages start from as little as £129 per month.

The e-book, Become A Paperless Company In Less Than 90 Days, gives you a plan for eliminating tedious, time-consuming tasks and unlocking employee productivity.

Where to start?

In our experience starting small is always the place to begin. E.g. looking at a particular process or pain point within your business or department.

Why not watch a quick demo of typical processes and the document management solutions for them.

Our advice and knowledge is free of charge. Give our sales or technical teams a call and pick our brains. We’re happy to talk and give our opinion on how to potentially solve your issue.

Business Benefits

Greater efficiency and productivity

Upgrading your current paper-based filing system to a digital solution gives your employees streamlined access to business documents and – in addition - provides for a smooth and rapid information flow. Instead of searching for documents, your staff are free to focus on higher-level tasks and making good decisions that boost your bottom line.

Robust data security and automated compliance

No per-user fees or user limits, fax enable your MFP fleet at no additional cost and eliminate costs associated with fax machines including supplies, repairs, and separate phone lines

Lower costs for document storage and supplies

Creating and storing paper documents is expensive. A four-drawer file cabinet takes up lots of floor space and costs over £1000 per year; maintaining several of these cabinets would require hiring an additional employee. Switching to a digital document management system delivers real savings on document storage, as well as copying, printing, shipping and personnel.

Business continuity

In addition, document management makes sure that you continue to operate your business even in an event of a fire or flood. Documents can be easily replicated and stored off-line or in the cloud as a perfect disaster recovery solution.

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We specialise in DocuWare Enterprise Content Management software. DocuWare is one of the worlds leading document management and digital workflow solutions, available both as on-premise software and as a cloud service.

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